INTRO-7-6 Programming in C

This course will be given twice a week in the first period of autumn 2006. All lectures will take place on Mondays or Fridays in September and start at 12:30.

The literature is Steve Qualline's "Practical C Programming" 3rd ed. which can be bought in the book shop at Fredrik Bajers Vej 7. Unless otherwise announced the dates, topics and literature will follow the schedule below.

Friday, September 8th 2006 at 12:30-16:15
Page 1-9, 13-16, 33, 38-48(briefly), 49-62, 63-74(skip "Multidimensional...") and 101-102 Introduction to C and programming environments. Command line compilation. Getting help on UNIX. The C style. Declarations, expressions and examples of functions. Simple arrays and reading from the keyboard. Makefiles under UNIX.
Monday, September 11th 2006 at 12:30-16:15
Page 95-111(briefly), 75-92, 115-124 and 140-152 The programming process. Flow of control. Logical expressions, statements; if, while, do, goto, switch etc. Examples of useful functions. Macros.
Friday, September 15th 2006 at 12:30-16:15
Page 127-138, 177-179, 201-206, 212 and 304-328(briefly) Functions (creating your own). main() with arguments. Characters, data types, enum, typedef and sizeof. Casting and conversions.
Friday, September 22nd 2006 at 12:30-16:15
Page 183-200 and 281-283(malloc() and free() only) Pointers. Strings and (multi-dimensional) arrays. Call by reference. Dynamic memory allocation.
Monday, September 25th 2006 at 12:30-16:15
Page 173-182 and 279-292 Quick repetition of pointers. Structures. Linked lists.
Monday, October 2nd 2006 at 12:30-16:15
Page 292-303(briefly) and 209-227 Hash lists. File I/O and pipes.
Wednesday, October 25th 2006 at 8:15-12:00
- Simulation. Threads and semaphores

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