DELTA is an independent knowledge centre offering consultancy, test and training to industrial, governmental and private clients. DELTA's division, Acoustics & Vibration, is working as consultants and with R&D within the area of sound quality, helping manufacturers and others in designing products with a better and/or more appealing sound. In this work a profound understanding of the underlying psychoacoustical and psychophysical mechanisms is essential. DELTA expects SQRU to be an invaluable resource in obtaining this understanding.


BREL & KJR Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S is a leading manufacturer of sound vibration test and measurement solutions for industrial, educational as well as environmental applications. Our mission is to help our customers improve the quality of sound and vibration, and human comfort related to sound and vibration - to enhance the environment, the quality and the joy of life. The Sound Quality Research Units is an important initiative, which will make our customers able to develop and produce even better sounding products.


BANG & OLUFSEN expects to expand our expertise on sound quality through identification of new auditory attributes and their relationship to the overall sound quality. We further anticipate an increased understanding of the relationship between the physical measures of the sound field and the perceived sound quality. This knowledge will enable us to continue our development of intelligent loudspeakers loudspeakers that adjust their sound quality according to the acoustical properties of their surroundings.


AALBORG UNIVERSITY (AAU) conducts teaching and research to the highest level in the fields of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities. There are already considerable research and teaching activities at the Department of Acoustics concerning the interaction between our hearing and the sound we surround ourselves by, including the electronical and electro-acoustical systems which we use. The activities within sound quality are welcomed in the expectation that they will contribute to the expansion of our knowledge and competence within the area.