Low frequency chamber


In everyday life we are exposed to low frequency sound from and within e.g. cars, trains and airplanes. Sound which is below 20 Hz is called infra sound, and it is normally considered to be inaudible, however, it can be perceived when the sound pressure is very high. The Low frequency chamber is a small room with a double-wall construction. Forty 13" low frequency loudspeakers are mounted in the walls, and by appropriate control of those it is possible to create either a plane acoustic wave or a pressure field scenario. The loudspeakers can produce high sound pressures at low frequencies; up to 125 dB in the frequency range of 0.07 Hz to 300 Hz. The Low frequency chamber is utilized to carry out research of hearing and for tests during which the effects of infra sound and low frequency sound is studied. The chamber is accessed via Control room I.

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