Facilities in the acoustics laboratory

The laboratory is housing both research- and teaching activities within the scope of Department of Acoustics. The laboratory occupies four building sections: A3, B3, B4 and B5. Next to the entrance door of each room you will find a description explaining the characteristics and use of the room. These explanations can also be found on this page. The rooms can be divided into three main categories: Control rooms, a variety of special rooms and storage facilities including a basement.

The control rooms in general hold necessary equipment such as microphones, generators, computers, amplifiers and various instruments. Camera surveillance and cable connections are available from the control rooms to the setups in the appropriate special rooms. The basic idea during an experiment or a measurement is to have as little equipment in the special rooms as possible and have e.g. noisy computers in the neighbour control room.

The control rooms are named with letters, e.g. Control room A is shown as "A" on the laboratory map below. On this map you can click on the different rooms and "step inside". The green dots are clickable as well and show various views from within and outside the laboratory. The A3 section is not on the map but is still viewable through the two links on the bottom of this page.

Anechoic room 1 Anechoic room 2 Audiometry Cabin A Cabin B Centre storage Control room A Control room I Control room K Control room L Control room Q Control room R Control room S Control room V Corridor 1 Corridor 2 Corridor 3 Listening room Low frequency chamber Multi channel listening room Outside 1 Outside 2 Outside 3 Outside 4 Outside 5 Outside 6 Outside 7 Outside 8 Storage VR-lab Lavatory Waiting room Office Toilet

Pressure field chamber
Reverberation room