Student's Project Catalogue

This page contains a catalogue of projects proposed by members of the Department of Acoustics, Aalborg University. Some projects are meant for the basic study years at the university and some are relevant for those who want to take a master of science degree in acoustics. 
Please note that some of the project descriptions requires access to the university network.

A c o u s t i c a l    M a s t e r s    P r o j e c t s 

Please note that several of these project proposals have been suggested by the students themselves and such proposals should therefore not be considered as part of the general department catalogue.

Project proposals for S10/2002
Project proposals for S10/2001
Project proposals for S10/2000
Project proposals for S10/1999
Project proposals for S10/1998
Project proposals for S10/1997
Project proposals for S10/1996
Project proposals for S10/1995

G l o b a l l y    a c c e s s i b l e    p r o j e c t s 

P1 - Musikerhøreværn - en nødvendighed eller bare øregas?
P1 - Vejtrafikstøj
P2 - Infralyd - en samfundsplage eller hysteri?
P2 - Interaktiv modellering af rumakustik
P2 - Vurdering af de akustiske forhold i Studenterhuset, Aalborg
E6 - Polyfonisk halv-tone analysator eller "Komponistens diktafon"
S7 - Scaling of sensory stimuli
S7 - Integer based room simulation
S8 - Digital control of loudspeaker directivity
S8 - Design of real-time MLS system for in situ measurement of acoustical absorption
S9Ak - Comparison and verification of loudness models

L o c a l l y    a c c e s s i b l e    p r o j e c t s 

S7 - Statistical reverberation model
S7 - Binaural advantage at the threshold of hearing
S7 - Modelling the single transmission path
S8 - Parametric representation of HRTF's for use in virtual reality

Last modified December 11th 2001